Hula-hoop lessons & workshops (Cape Town)

Hula-hoop lessons Cape Town

Do you want to try something new and fun? Looking for a creative way to exercise? Do you want to take your individual hooping skill and style to the next level? I am available for hula-hoop lessons and group workshops in Cape Town and Southern Suburbs.

I so often hear people say to themselves that they could not hula-hoop as a child, so they probably can not hula-hoop as an adult. This is not true, as anyone with the right weight and size hoop can hula-hoop successfully. There is nothing more satisfying than watching people who thought they could not hula-hoop, pick up a hula-hoop and rotate it around their body for the first time. After that first rotation, one has officially started their hula-hoop journey! On you hula-hoop journey you will explore different movement, your own creative capabilities and

Hooping changed my life and gives me so much joy on a daily basis. Hula-hooping has made me a confident, fit and happy human being.  It can be a form of active meditation as it has the power to uplift your inner spirit through your own conscious movement. As you release your inner-child, you regain the infinite potential and security that sometimes becomes stifled as adults. I honestly can not stress how much this little plastic circle has positively impacted my life.

Due to my own experience and transformation – I encourage everyone to join the hoop-dance movement!  When you are ready to start your own hoop journey be sure to contact me for your first hula-hoop lesson.


Weekly classes and private lessons

Email me for my available slots for privates.

Weekly hoop movement classes

Cost: R350 per 4 week course

Level: Intermediate

Where: 388 Albert street, woodstock

Time: 18:30-19:30

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Next Hoop Workshop: 2 April 2017
Level : Beginners and Intermediate

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