LED Hoop Performances

led hoop performances cape town

led hoop performances cape town

The future has always held our imagination, with LED lighting a new method to create amazing visual patterns in dance is the entertainment of the future. The LED lighting removes the safety concern related to Fire Performances, and gives your guest a true visual splendour to behold.

Fires a’light  LED hoop performances are suitable for the following events:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Hen Parties
  • Valentines Day
  • New Years Eves events
  • Childrens parties
  • Outdoor parties

Your guests will be amazed by the mind-blowing infinite combinations of shapes, patterns and colours that morph in time to music. Fires a’light will provide a memorable and magnificently unique visual LED experience that combines the elegant beauty of Hula Hoop Dancing, to entertain your guests at any event.

LED hoop performances may take place at indoor and outdoor events, so long as the demarcated performance area is large enough for the performance to take place. Please note that if a performance is booked for an outdoor event, the LED show taking place is weather dependant. For weddings, Valentines Day events or anniversaries be sure to request a performance with the heart pattern. Hearts will shine bright on display in the night sky, making the performance a sure-fire way to the capture  hearts of your guests.

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Additional LED hoop performers (for a freestyle or choreographed show) may be arranged on your request, if your event requires. Synchronised group LED hoop performances may be arranged, with a client customisation option. This option involves the client choosing a colour scheme for the all the hoops to cycle throughout the show. This is option is perfect for clients who would like the performance to match their event decorations, company logo or simply your favourite colour.